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 ARTS-Dance an IRS 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit/Charitable Foundation

The Alliance is made up of nationally recognized dance organizations.

Its current members are: All Join Hands Foundation Ltd, CALLERLAB, CONTRALAB, International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs, National  Square Dance Campers Association, National Executive Committee, ROUNDALAB, Singles Square Dancers USA, United Square Dancers of America and, USA West Policy Board.

The Alliance for Round, Traditional and Square-Dance (the ARTS) is a newly formed entity that can better describe the diverse groups making up the 'greater' American Folk Dance community. Such a coalition will offer all dance organizations a chance for affiliation on a balanced and representative basis. The ARTS will allow for more effective public education of the square dance image, the health and fitness benfits of related dances to obtain corporate sponsorship, without diminishing any of the autonomy, or unique qualities and programs of any individual affiliate member.

The ARTS will also function in an advocacy role, representing ALL dance groups directly or indirectly associated with round, traditional, and square dancing. Like all alliances that represent diverse organizations with common interest, the ARTS concept provides a strong, central voice, concerned equally with the collective interest of all its affiliated organizations.

Formed as a 'non-preference' coalition, the ARTS will more easily negotiate collaborative projects with groups already working in the dance, leisure, recreation or physical education fields. The alliance will also seek advocacy support for grant funding, while conducting a more focused search for corporate and institutional partners. And it presents an attractive and comprehensive 'acronym' (the ARTS) for use in advertising, publicity and public awearness and education programs.

Its purpose is to create and affirm a name and a non-profit corporation (the ARTS) which will provide an image of unity among diversified dance groups.  The ARTS can be used for effective public education and awarness, as well as a tool in seeking institutional and corporate contributions/sponsorship.